Upper Body

* Please consult with your practitioner before incorporating any of the following exercises into your program

Hold all stretches for 30 seconds and make sure you complete each move on BOTH sides. Repeat stretches twice on each occasion with your body squarely aligned before beginning any stretch. Initially repeat 2-4 times per day. You should only take the stretch to a comfortable range. It shouldn’t produce pain. Please only perform stretches advised by your practitioner.


Upper Trapezius 1

  • Can be done seated or standing.
  • Place your opposite ear towards the shoulder and then tuck chin forward.


Upper Trapezius 2

  • Can be done seated or standing.
  • Place your opposite ear towards the shoulder without twisting the neck.


Resting Neck Extension

  • Place a rolled up towel underneath your neck
  • Ensure your head is resting on the other side of the towel creating a curve in the neck
  • Lie on a hard surface
  • This should not be a painful exercise. If discomfort is experienced ensure the towel is supporting the neck adequately without forcing the head to stay forward



Shoulder Stretch 1

  • Place one arm across the body
  • Pull arm into a further stretch across body with opposite arm


Shoulder Stretch 2

  • Can be done seated or standing
  • Raise one arm and bend at elbow
  • Pull elbow towards mid-line with opposite arm



Pectoral Muscles

  • Place one arm bent at elbow on door frame
  • Lean away from the doorway keeping your spine straight.


Lying Chest Stretch

  • Lie on an elevated surface with neck supported.
  • With palms facing upwards place arms out on a 90+ degree angle to the body
  • Allow arms to stretch backwards increasing the stretch through the chest


Mid Back

Rhomboid Stretch

  • Interlock hands and face palms facing away
  • Gently push forward with hands