Chiropractic for Babies

Chiropractic for Babies

The profession of Chiropractic promotes health and wellbeing and helps to enable an injured person to get back to their normal active life, For babies who might have been injured or had their tiny bones misaligned during birth, your specialist Chiropractor at our Perth clinic is skilled, well trained and knowledgeable and can not only relieve your baby’s immediate discomfort but set the stage for a healthy life and nip any problems in the bud so they don’t show up later in life.

Why Would My Baby Need Chiropractic Care?

To help your baby settle and to assist in setting the stage for a life without joint pain and spine misalignment, many families are now considering chiropractic care from our Perth practitioners for their newborns. It’s often the case that the use of vacuum or forceps, a difficult delivery or the position the baby is in while inside the womb can cause problems. These can show up as misalignments of the delicate structures of the spine and neck which can present in a number of ways.

These following symptoms MIGHT indicate that your baby has a problem that could be resolved through chiropractic care at our Perth clinic:

  • Poor sleeping
  • Turning the head to one side only
  • Breastfeeding difficulties
  • A preference for one breast
  • Persistent, unexplained crying
  • Difficulty changing baby
  • Problems getting little arms into sleeves
  • Crying when legs are lifted up to change a nappy.
  • Colic or tummy pains
  • Discomfort while travelling in the car
  • Reflux

How Will My Perth Chiropractor Treat My Baby?

Treating babies gently and safely is one of Chiropractor Jonathon Langer’s specialities. He has had many years of experience helping babies (including his own, whom he adjusted within an hour of delivery). His special interest has meant GPs and other health practitioners including community health nurses, and midwives practising in Perth often refer their tiny patients to him. Jonathon delivers the best chiropractic care in our Perth clinic to his tiny clients in a safe and effective fashion. He will do this only when it is deemed necessary after an examination and if necessary he will refer your baby to other health professionals in Perth.

You don’t need a GP referral to see a Chiropractor for your baby at our Perth clinics, as such visits are categorised as alternative therapies. Depending on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, you might be able to claim a rebate from your private health insurer. If in doubt, call your insurer. For more information or to make an appointment to see one of the Chiropractors at our Perth clinic call us on: 08 9382 3466 or email: