Chiropractor Jolimont

Careful consideration is essential when selecting a skilled Chiropractor in your local area, Jolimont.  Confirmation that the practice you visit employs staff with many years of experienced and detailed training will be of importance to you.  The team at Langer Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Therapy offers both of these attributes in your locality.  Musculoskeletal pain and back injuries are commonplace today.  Treatment from the Langer Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Therapy Chiropractors near Jolimont can provide a rehabilitation programme.  A healthy spine is known to be a cornerstone of general health and wellbeing, some patients visit us simply for that reason, viewing prevention as better than cure.  The over 27 years’ collective experience of our team of Chiropractors near Jolimont assists our clients to be fit, healthy and pain-free.  Come to experience the welcoming atmosphere at our friendly clinic.  We are nearby and provide convenient opening hours to work with your schedule.

Occupational Therapy Jolimont

Occupational therapy through soft tissue rehabilitation is a service available at Langer Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Therapy.   Occupational Therapists near Jolimont lightly manipulate the soft tissues as necessary to decrease pain or increase flexibility.  These techniques are termed myofascial and myopractic.  The aim is to improve movement, posture and ease strains or muscle soreness which allows normal life to resume be that work, sports or just daily life.   Muscle pains can be caused by a sudden trauma such as a sporting injury or even by long term stress and overload.  Tensions in the upper back, neck and shoulders can often be caused this way.

Help with these strains and pains is close by.  Langer Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Therapy are conveniently located in your area and their opening hours allow you to access treatments without significant disruption to your daily routine.  Langer Health’s Occupational Therapists near Jolimont are highly trained to assist you in your recovery, provide guidance on how to minimise the risk of future injuries and increase general wellbeing through gentle exercise and stretching at home.


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