Chiropractic and the Newborn Baby

Do you have an Unsettled Baby?

Many families are now considering the use of chiropractic care for their new born babies.  Often as a result of a difficult delivery, the use of forceps or vacuum, or the position of the baby in utero, the delicate structures of the neck or spine can be affected. This may manifest itself  in numerous ways, including:

  • Only turning the head to one side
  • Unexplained and persistent crying
  • Poor sleeping
  • Difficulty breast feeding or a preference for one breast
  • Discomfort travelling in the car
  • Colic or tummy pains
  • Difficulty changing your baby, such as getting its arms into sleeves, or crying when you lift up the legs to change a nappy.

These symptoms MAY indicate that your baby has an issue that may respond favourably to chiropractic care.

Jonathon Langer has a special interest and many years of experience dealing safely and gently with babies, including his own, which he adjusted within an hour of birth. He regularly receives referrals from other health professionals including GP’s, community health nurses, and midwives. Jonathon is capable of delivering chiropractic care to a child in a safe and effective manner, and will only do so when indicated by his examination, or will refer out to other health professionals where necessary.

For both Chiropractic and Occupational Therapy, no medical referral is necessary. Rebates are claimable for all services from private health funds, depending on the insurer and individual’s level of cover. For accurate information on your cover, please call your health insurance fund.