A Better You – Langer Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Therapy Newsletter, February 2018


By this time of year, many of us will already have broken our New Year’s resolutions. There are a lot of reasons these heartfelt resolutions fail to materialise and one of them is that many are perhaps a little unrealistic. Add to that the fact that we can lack-self discipline, sink back into old habits and routines or we just don’t have the time. Here at Langer Health, our New Year’s resolution is all about you, and our unwavering commitment to making 2018 a pain-free and health-filled year for you and for all our clients. Not only that, our goal is to maintain and also improve the already high standard of care you’ve received from us. At Langer Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Therapy we believe your success is also ours, and as part of our resolution for 2018, we will help you to learn how to live a healthy life, free from pain and discomfort.


With recurring pain, there can be various factors that contribute to it, especially if it is chronic. It’s often the case that relieving the pain is the easy part, but preventing its return is the big challenge. Depending on your condition, your treatment program might include personalised exercises and techniques that serve to correct the underlying cause or causes of your pain. In other words, we don’t just give you relief temporarily.


The value of Chiropractic care and Occupational Therapy for you and your children cannot be overstated. Healthy kids naturally like to explore to grow their brains and bodies – they climb, fall down, run and jump and of course, they’re beautifully resilient. They have a great natural ability to recover from injuries and illnesses quickly, but occasionally, an activity-related injury has an impact on a child’s spine. At first, all seems well and good, nothing hurts and there are no obvious problems. However, there might have been a subtle injury to the ligaments and muscles of the spine which can affect the child’s health and function in the longer term.


To help keep you and your children in optimal shape regular checkups can help. If you have an active life, suffer from stress or just want to be a better you and feel at your very best, you will find scheduling some preventative visits helpful.
We’re doing our bit, now it’s your turn to make your 2018 a healthy and pain-free one!


Stretch of the Month

  • Do your warm-ups

Whether you’re an exercise expert or just starting out, you ought to begin by warming up and stretching before and warming down after you exercise.
Why? Because warming up not only prepares you mentally for a workout but increases your heart rate and improves blood circulation which helps your body prepare for exercises.

  1. Standing upright, march for 3 minutes or 30 times on the spot, moving your arms up and down in line with your leg lifts. Don’t make a tight fist.
  2. Then, march for 20 or 30 times both forward and backwards for one minute.


Towards Your Wellness

New year, new and healthier you – New Year’s resolutions are a lot of fun to make, but a lot harder to maintain. So, stop making excuses and learn how to be healthy:

  • Goals for getting into shape: These usually fizzle out by the third week of January according to some recent data-based searches on Facebook. Still, some people keep their resolutions so how do they do it? Successful people often see fitness as a lifestyle change that is permanent, rather than something they can just give up if they get bored or reach a threshold.
  • Try raising the stakes: You will be more devoted to your goal if you reward yourself. It can be seen as a bribe, but if you do some experimenting with yourself by promising a reward, a new pair of shoes, a massage and see how well you do. You could also do the reverse, ‘No TV watching for a week if you don’t follow your fitness regime.
  • Every day take some time out: Promise yourself that you will chill out at least once a day; closing your eyes, take about 10 deep breaths wherever you are, shopping, working, or listening to your favourite music on the way to work.